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Banana Kush Feminized

Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of bananas? This tropical fruit is essentially nature’s dessert, and it goes great with everything. When you grow Banana Kush feminized seeds, not only do you get to smoke tropical weed, it also liberates your mind.


Feminized Banana Kush seeds originated on the West Coast, and they have been a staple of the region for a long time now. The legacy genes of this strain originate with two incredibly popular choices: Ghost OG and Skunk Haze.


With powerful indica properties, Banana Kush feminized seeds offer some of the best buds you can smoke if you ‘re after a soothing, relaxing effect. This strain is perfect for social gatherings since the first hit makes you more talkative and unlocks your wildest thoughts.


Enjoy the flow of ideas while it lasts, especially if you’re a creative type. With a THC content that climbs up to 21%, the body high you get to experience as the effects progresses evolves into a numbing sensation. This leads to a pleasant night’s sleep.


If this description sounds enticing, be prepared to put some effort into achieving it. Banana Kush feminized seeds grow plants that require attention and care. The yields aren’t strictly larger, but you get a good 20 oz. of weed per plant with the proper care when growing outdoors.


The downside to this is that Banana Kush feminized seeds offer their best under a controlled environment. You better be ready to care for your plants indoors; there’s a lot of pruning to do ahead. You still get to harvest over 18oz/m2 in this setup, which is not bad at all.


You can click here to know more about the strain and all of its properties.

Banana Kush feminized seeds description

Banana Kush feminized seeds need very little introduction for people who already know their weed. The name evokes memories of the best trips you had from smoking weed. The strain is popular among many artists, especially authors struggling with writer’s block.


Banana Kush feminized seeds are the product of crossing Ghost OG hybrid with Skunk Haze. The indica genes take dominance in this hybrid, with a range covering nearly 60% of the effects your body gets to experience.


Banana Kush feminized seeds need nine weeks to grow into gorgeous blooms with plants over six feet tall. These weed plants love light more than anything else. You can get incredible outdoor yields in the lower states such as California, Colorado, or New Mexico.

Banana Kush feminized effects

Banana Kush feminized seeds offer weed that leaves a lasting impression on your body and mind. With a THC content close to 21%, the first toke gives a cerebral buzz that creeps from the back of your head to your whole body in minutes.


This buzz can last for an hour, enough to let your ideas take a front seat and solve any problem that’s holding you back. Banana Kush feminized seeds offer buds that get the creative juices flowing, giving you the strength and energy to wrap up anything.


As the world around you slows down, your mood improves 100% for the better. Let this sensation overwhelm your body by letting the weed from Banana Kush feminized seeds take you to dreamland. You’ll feel happy out of nowhere, and everything brings a smile to your face.


The marijuana plants of Banana Kush feminized seeds offer weed that helps you release all the tension from your body. You’ll be couch-locked for a few hours. If you’re having issues with your appetite, you better make sure to order takeout before smoking this weed; you’ll get hungry.


Make sure to go easy with BK weed if you’re trying it for the first time. A couple of tokes should be more than enough for the desired effects. More than that could cause some dizziness and anxiety.


The weed from feminized Banana Kush seeds doesn’t hit you with anything out of the ordinary. Just make sure to keep some eye drops and bottled water close by. You’ll have some parched eyes and a heavy cottonmouth effect after waking up.

Banana Kush feminized flavors

The weed from feminized Banana Kush seeds offers the most natural mix of flavors you can experience in a single strain. The earthy, skunky aroma is mixed with a heavy tone of bananas that’ll make it feel like you’re in the middle of the Caribbean.


When you inhale the first toke, your tongue is washed with a potent mix of tropical flavors and deep forest elements. It’s an incredible experience that feels creamy, soft, and light to the taste. You probably won’t even cough when the smoke hits your lungs.


Let the smoke go out slowly, and your taste buds are overloaded with the second wave of dessert-like flavors. Some smokers have reported tasting freshly baked banana bread, which is probably why this weed triggers your appetite so quickly.


The smells emanating from Banana Kush feminized seed-grown plants embrace their fruity nature. It fills your nostrils with an enticing aroma reminiscent of pinewood, natural foliage, and baked goods. This weed is designed to stimulate your sweet tooth cravings.

How to Germinate Banana Kush feminized seeds

The process of germinating Banana Kush feminized seeds isn’t so difficult. Make sure you have the following tools at hand:

  • Paper towels.
  • pH neutral water.
  • A baking tray.

You need a dry space at room temperature to place your Banana Kush feminized seeds and let them germinate in peace. Follow the steps below for happy, healthy germination:

Let’s get started with the tray

This is where your seeds come to sprout. Use a flat, clean baking tray or a non-curved plate.

Use the paper towels

Take one paper towel and spray it up with pH-neutral water. Place the wet paper towel at the bottom of the tray and your Banana Kush feminized seeds on top of it. Repeat the process and place the second paper towel on top to make a seed sandwich.

Use the pH-neutral water

We recommend using pH-neutral water because it’s the cleanest water you can get. Tap water doesn’t do the trick for feminized Banana Kush seeds. You’ll be using water for two separate procedures: to test the quality of the seed and to help them germinate.


To test the quality, fill a glass with water anddrop the seeds  in. If your Banana Kush feminized seeds sink to the bottom, they’re good to go. Make sure to get rid of any floaters. Don’t do this test if you don’t plan to germinate the seeds immediately.


After placing the seeds on the tray, make sure to check the humidity levels of the paper towels at least once every eight hours. Put some distance between the Banana Kush feminized seeds, so they have room to germinate freely. Don’t soak the paper towels—they’ll rot with too much water.


After 20 hours, you should see the first tiny sprouts from your Banana Kush feminized seeds.

Using the dry, dark space

If you want your Banana Kush feminized seeds to germinate properly, they need a warm space with no lights. Make sure to place the tray in an area where the temperature is stable at 26°C. Check them out every once in a while to keep the same conditions.

Time to plant your seedlings

After your Banana Kush feminized seeds germinate it’s time to place them in your setup. If you are planting them in the ground, make sure it’s at least three inches below surface level. You can use hydroponics for these as long as you have the proper irrigation system.

Banana Kush feminized seeds grow information

Growing Banana Kush feminized seeds can pose a challenge if you’re a first-timer. This weed can grow indoors and outdoors. The most beneficial setup is indoors  on account of the controlled environment required by these marijuana plants to thrive.


Banana Kush feminized seeds need light, tons of it, and the only way to fulfill this requirement in the open is by living in any of the lower states. A garden of this weed in California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, or New Mexico should thrive.


If you live in a colder state, the best time to plant your feminized Banana Kush seeds is in the first ten days of spring. As with most indicas, these plants won’t grow more than 6 feet tall. They need at least nine weeks to grow to their peak.


The size of the plants grown from feminized Banana Kush seeds is only an issue in indoor setups. You’ll need to monitor the environment constantly; in the vegetative phase this strain needs at least 18 hours of light a day .


When it comes to nutrients, feminized Banana Kush seeds grow plants that aren’t very demanding. They only require a single dose of fertilizer every week. Trim and prune these plants as they grow, especially if you have limited space.


If you’ve done everything right, your feminized Banana Kush seeds will reward you with 20oz of weed per plant in the open. If you’ve got an indoor setup, you’ll harvest at least 18oz/m². Once curated, you’ll have a hefty amount of weed for the rest of the year.

Banana Kush feminized seeds genetics

We don’t usually think of bananas and marijuana simultaneously—someone sure did back in the early 2000s. Feminized Banana Kush seeds were created on the West Coast using the Kush strain as the middleman.


Banana Kush feminized seeds is one of the most satisfactory experiments to come out of this region of the USA.


This strain has been awarded multiple times. The top achievement being the Best Indica Strain awarded in the 2011 Cannabis Cup.


Banana Kush feminized seeds offer the best of both worlds. Ghost OG gives the strain sweet flavors and strong natural undertones. On the other hand, Skunk Haze offers the rewarding feeling and many of the tropical attributes we pick up with our nostrils.

Where to Buy Banana Kush feminized seeds

When you want to buy Banana Kush feminized seeds, it’s best to go with a trustworthy seed bank that offers quality over everything else. The folks at Homegrown Cannabis Co have an outstanding catalog of seeds and a fantastic community to help you get started.


Join the Homegrown Forum and ask all your burning questions. Some of the best weed growing experts are willing to share their knowledge. For the opinion of a weed connoisseur, check the blog posts of the Kushman.

Get tropical with Banana Kush feminized

Banana Kush feminized seeds are an incredible source of weed that you need to try at least once. The weed from these plants is a delicious experience. They also offer an incredibly therapeutic effect that will have you floating in the clouds for hours.


Give your brain a boost right before the day ends to get your work done. Let the weed from Banana Kush feminized seeds take you to a relaxation realm where nothing worries you. Your mind and body will thank you for the experience.

Make sure to get your seeds from one of the top providers in the market. Grab your feminized Banana Kush seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. and start your gardening experience the right way.

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