Crafty Vaporizer

Understanding the Crafty Vaporizer for sale

The Crafty vaporizer is a unit that not only fits the pocket but is big on quality and flavor. It is manufactured by Storz & Bickel, the manufacturer of many other vaporizers such as the Mighty vaporizer. If you are searching for vaporizer for use while on the go, you will definitely need to consider the Crafty vaporizer.

How it works

Just like the other vaporizers by the same manufacturer, this unit is also quite compact. However, it also offers a similar performance to the other brands. It has a one-button design that is quite simple and smart. This helps to complement the pocket-size designs of the unit. It is also powered using a Lithium-ion battery.

If you would like to boost the unit’s temperature, all you need to do is to double-click on the button. Some of the best features that you will love in the unit include:

  • Precise control of the temperature
  • A highly efficient heat exchanger
  • Multifunction app consisting of Bluetooth and wireless connectivity

Why the crafty vaporizer is better

There are two key qualities that make the crafty vaporizer better than the competitor:

  • Convection hot air
  1. Great craftsmanship

Storz & bickel stores are popular for their good quality units that are engineered in Germany. There are several reasons why convection heating is better. These include:

  1. Prevents combustion. This is unlike other vaporizers that use combustion heating. In convection heating the materials sits on the heating element as well as the hot air that surrounds that material enabling it to vaporize.
  2. Conduction-style vaporizers are usually less expensive as compared to the models that use the convection style. However, they don’t offer similar quality of aroma, flavor and  quality.

A review of the Crafty vaporizer

This is a great unit. It is easily portable as it weighs only0.3 pound. It also have a distinct look even though it looks more or less like a replica of the Mighty. It is also easy to use and fill. You can get Crafty vapor best price at the recommended distributors.


Important Facts All Vapors Want To Know About The Pax 2 by Ploom

Although the volcanic digital is a good choice, many people still love the volcanic classic vaporizer. Some people say that it is bulky and big but other do not mind about this because it is very powerful. Generally speaking, most of the table top desk vaporizers tend to be bulky and big and are powerful but the volcano classic has been described by some as the crème de la crème of all. This vaporizer is extremely durable and reliable and produces pure and clean vapor from forced air system which is easy to use.

About the volcano:

The volcano classic vaporizer uses fan for filling up the balloon attachment. When you pack herbs in to its heating chamber, the fan will push the fresh, heated air in to the vaporizer balloon (referred to as forced air vapor). The temp of the heat produced by the fan is at the vaporization levels. When the balloon gets filled up, a situation which may take just three minutes, then you can take your unit and start vaporizing it. Volcano vaporizers are loved by users for their solid valve and easy valve system which can be interchanged between the classic and digital vaporizers. Both valves help the user check balloon bag for vapor it has produced and which can be left there. When buying your volcano vaporizer it is advised that you pick your preferred choice of easy valve set or solid valve set.

How does it differ from volcano digital?

There is no major difference between the volcano classic vaporizer and the digital in terms of quality or overall performance. The difference is only with respect to manner in which each unit is designed and used. The volcano classic’s sturdiness has made it a success in terms of high sales. It is always ready to use and lasts very long. The volcano digit has LED display and so users can quickly and accurately know the temperature levels. It works from 104°F to 446°F and it automatically shuts off if you do not use it for 30 minutes, a feature which makes the digit a good choice if you want to conserve the energy and heating element as well.

How to use the classic volcano:

To use the volcano classic, simply plug it in and then press its “Heat” button. Allow it to pre heat for 2 to 3 minutes to let the heating elements get to ideal temperatures. On pressing “heat”, the control button will turn orange, meaning warming up of the element is going on. You can then turn the dial to the desired temperature. After heating, the orange turn will turn off and so you can click “fan” button and watch as the balloon fills up with your favorite herbs vapor. If you feel it is enough, simply take off the balloon then vape away!

Cleaning the classic vaporizer:

Any time you clean the classic vaporizer, ensure that it is not plugged in. all non-electrical parts can be cleaned with alcohol or isopropyl, or you can just throw them in to the dishwasher. The vaporizer kits also comes with brush you can use for cleaning. Ensure that the filter is replaced frequently in order to ensure clean air intake which creates high quality, better tasting vapor.

How much does it cost?

The Pax 2 By Ploom price may vary from one store to the other so you may have to compare prices in different sites if you want to get the classic volcano vaporizer best price.



Pax 3 Vaporizer

Why Pax 3 Vaporizer Is The New Game Changer

Vaporizer manufacturers don’t cease to surprise us with the best Pax vaporizers. Pax 3 vaporizer may look familiar with some past models but if you experience it, you will discover substantial innovations inside it. It is relatively expensive but definitely worth your money. This is its review.


It contains a very discreet unit which hides perfectly in a pocket or when hand-held. So, in the case of a situation arising, nobody will know that you have this vaporizer. One of its modes is stealth for maintaining a low-down puffing session with dim light and at the same time cooling down the chamber to reduce the smell coming out. The heating chamber is found at the bottom and if you uncover the magnet cap, you will see it.

Flexible temperatures

There are basically 4 pre-set temperatures for Pax 2 i.e. 182, 193, 204, and 215 degrees Celsius. Pax 3 entails one more custom temperature anywhere between the extreme limits. This offers versatility to different people who like to vape at different temperatures.

Quality design

If you buy pax 3 vaporizer you will note that its finish is different from the normal aluminum sheen and it is glossier. This quality is ideal for those who love aesthetics ad cleanliness. The half pack lid enables one to use the vaporizer for less vaping herbs, something that most consumers desire. It also features a concentrate canister whereby wax can be incorporated, making it a multi-purpose device.

Different application modes

Apart from flexible temperature options, the vaporizer has different heating settings that dynamically transform the interaction with the unit. The standard heating mode is the most basic application which increases the temperatures at the heating chamber or lowers it if needs are. There is a flavor mode which functions like the standard mode although it offers more heat on demand. The boost mode raises heat aggressively s you draw from the unit and then lowers the heat when not drawing.

Buy pax 3 vaporizer if you need a vaping unit with phenomenal vapor quality.


The Ultimate Pax 2 Vaporizer User’s Guide

Are you searching for a portable and stealthy devise to vape loose leaf or dry herbs, and with a satisfactory battery life? If yes, Pax 2 should be on top of your shopping list. This vaporizer is small and it can pack a good volume of herbs. Its battery life surpasses that of other more expensive and bigger vaporizers. You will be impressed with its lip sensing and built quality which seconds none, working faultlessly.

The PAX 2 instructions

  • Charging

You must charge the vaporizer before you begin using it. To charge, connect the vaporizer’s cord and cradle to a power outlet or your computer. Check out the lighting of the white petals. As the charge increases, they lit more. You will know that the vaporizer s fully charged once the petals quit pulsing and become solid.

  • Getting started

After charging, you can start having fun. Take off the magnetic oven lid and put in your preferred herbs. You will get the best flavor if you firmly pack the oven, more than halfway full. For longer vaping sessions, fill up the oven to the edges. Replace the li after packing.

  • Power On

At the center of the mouth piece is the power button which turns on the vaporizer. Within a minute, the vaporizer will start heating your herbs as the LED lights show purple color. When these LED petals turn green, it means the vapor is ready. Make sure to place your lips around the mouthpiece, rather than directly on it. A gentle draw is good for a start. As you draw the vapor, you will realize that the green light pulse at a faster rate. A full oven can go for up to 20 draws with regards to temperature settings. The mouthpiece is normally flat but it also includes a raised platform. Find out which option suits your mouth.

If you haven’t tries pax 2 vaporizer, you need to give it a shot if you like vaping for any reason, be it medical, or for fun.

Pax 2 vs pax 3 VAPORIZER

Pax3 Versus Pax2: A Comprehensive Review

Recently, Pax2 vaporizer has been selling at low price after Pax3 vaporizer hit the market. However, nothing indicates that it can be outdone. This guide seeks to clarify the differences between these two vaporizers.

  • External features

By mere look, you can tell the distinction between the two. Both are metallic though.

Pax2: More metallic finish which is resistant to physical damages. It hardly gets fingerprints.

Pax3: Mirror-like polish and more elegant. It reflects sunlight and is very comfortable as it is extremely smooth. It is more prone to scratches than pax2.

  • Heating

Pax2: It takes a longer time (45 seconds when the settings are at their lowest) to heat the herbs

Pax3: It is fast and only 15 seconds are needed to heat up. So, you can puff some vapes before putting it aside.

  • Apps and modes

Pax2: It has neither hepatic feedback nor smartphone apps.

Pax3: With this vaporizer, you can use control heating temperatures up to the 5th setting. It offers hepatic feedback as well as 4 modes namely:


The flavor mode produces vape based on demand. So, your herbs only heat up when you are pulling in air and you obtain optimal flavor.

2. Efficiency

When using this mode, heat rises during vaping to maximize herb efficiency.

3. Boost

This is the mode that maintains hotness which gives higher production of vapor. No cooling occurs between hits.

4. Stealth

Here, the vaporizer cools down quickly to reduce odors that result from conduction.

As far as hepatic feedback is concerned, the vaporizer will vibrate when the heat-up session is over to signify that the vape is ready. Unlike other vaporizers, the vibrations are very discreet.

Buy Pax 2 vaporizer if you need an attractive package. You get the most from the modern accessories and upgrades. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you won’t go wrong with Pax2 as it is competent, portable, and discreet. It is recommended that if you need either of the two units to check them at the official website to find an authentic deal.


Source: Pax3 vaporizer

Pax 2 vs pax 3 VAPORIZER

How Pax 3 Differs From Pax 2?

Although the price of Pax 2 slightly reduced when the Pax 3 entered the market, the former is still popular and looks like it will remain in the market for long. Many people have been asking this question, what is the difference between the Pax 3 and the Pax 2?
What is different in the pax 3?
If you have found Pax 3 for sale and are wondering what is in this new unit that you would not find in the earlier pax 2, then there are three important things to note –
  • The exterior finish,
  • The heat up time, and
  • The app functionality and the haptic feedback.
Besides the above three factors, these two units are very similar in almost every other aspect.
Pax 2 vs pax 3 comparison:
The exterior finish:
This is the most noticeable difference between Pax 2 and the Pax 3. The pax 2 spots brushed and metallic textured finish. Although according to some users this finish is not as aesthetically pleasing as that of the Pax 3, it is more resistant to the scratches and also to the general tear and wear.
Another advantage of the exterior finish is that it does not pick up on the fingerprints. On the other hand, the pax 3 features high polished, elegant metallic finish. The mirror-like finish is not just appealing to the eye but it aptly catches the light when walking around during the sunny days. Holding it in the hand is very comfortable, and many users like the smooth finish which makes it comfortable to hold for the extended duration.
Heat up time:
This is another area of difference between the 2 units. The heat up time of the Pax 2 is a bit slower as compared to that of Pax 3. While it will take the Pax 2 about 45 seconds to get to it slowest heating setting, the pax will take 15 seconds to get to the lowest heat setting, and will take 20 seconds to get to the highest heating setting.
App functionality and the haptic feedback:
Even the best Pax 2 will lack temperature controls and related additional features through a smartphone application, a function which pax 3 has. The pax 2 also does not have haptic feedback.
Pros & Cons Of Vaporizers

Pros & Cons Of Vaporizers

Vaporizing is a positive alternative to smoking as it uses weed instead of tobacco. The mechanism of the vaporizer is filled with weed and it heats up the weed up to 365 degrees that turn the THC into vapor without combusting or burning the weed.

In this article we will discuss the Pros and Cons of vaporizer over smoking:


Healthier Than “Flame Smoking”:

As said above, the vaping mechanism does not burn the weed and only heats it so that the THC can be vaporized. The weed is not combusted like the way smoke is burned. As the heat source is low the smoker does not smoke dangerous toxins in his lungs.

Low Smell

If you have ever smoked cigarette or stood near a smoker you must be familiar with the

The bad smell that they exhibit. The smell on their hands and body last longer. While in the case of vaporizer you can even smoke it in a public place like a bar or a restaurant. It has least smell and dissipates quickly.

Effective Costing

As compared to a greater quality of highness the lesser amount of weed is used. Therefore your weed lasts for longer time. Mostly there is a saying that the amount of money you save by using less weed will help you buy the vaporizer easily.

-Smoother hits and cleaner high

When you puff the vaporizer the hits are smooth as compared to smoking a cigarette. The high you get is cleaner also.


Pricey Mechanism

Vaporizers are more than a luxury and it can shed a lot of pennies as they are costly and a good vaporizer comes no less than $200. There are high-end vaporizers like Top DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer, Vape Pens, Whip Vapors and Volcano that can likely to put a dent in your pocket.

Hard To Find Wax

If you choose to smoke oil or wax you may find it difficult to buy wax or oil as the suppliers are lower in number and the demand is more. So it all depends upon the area you live and the availability in that region.

In the end, we would say smoke what you can afford and what keeps you smiling.


Davinci vaporizer

How to Add Fragrance to Your Everyday Routine

1. Pick Cleansers with Citrus Aroma.

These are crisp and reviving in the meantime, abandoning you more stirred and noticing as sweet as a citrus plantation. You can utilize citrus scented cleansers while taking a shower or when washing your hands. The types of flavors you can use incorporate – Lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, orange, and lime.

2. Davinci Vaporizer and Some Herbs.

Herbs, for example, thyme, rosemary, and basil are all crisp noticing and fortifying. They are additionally purifying and a few herbs even have restorative purposes. You can use quality vaporizer to get the most of the herbs.

Many customers have given positive Davinci vaporizer reviews for its performance and quality. You can try it out to give your place a herbal touch.

3. Add Fragrance to Steam for a Brilliant Float of Aroma.

For this, put a couple of drops of lemon or essential oils to the floor of your shower. Turn on the shower to warm up the aroma, at that point scrub down in tepid water. The aroma will gradually discharge its scent and make delightfully scented steam.

4. Utilize Scent for a Fragrant Rubdown.

Pick your most loved fragrance and take a few drops of it onto your towel prior to washing or taking a bath. For this, just keep the towel on the warmed towel rack or radiator until it gets a little warm. Subsequent to washing or taking shower, rub yourself nicely with the warmed towel. It will feel comfortable and alleviating and the scent will be left on your skin, inconspicuous, however, stunning at the same time.

5. Layer the Fragrance With Multiple Yet Similar Scents.

Begin your shower with scented body oil. At that point utilize scented cleanser of a similar fragrance. After the shower, utilize body cream of a similar aroma and complete up with either cologne in a similar fragrance. This enables you to layer the aromas up, in a similar group of scents.

If you already have the vaporizer with you for a long time, it’s best that you buy replacement Davinci vaporizer iq for perfect results.


Portable Vaporizers

Things That Are Common in Portable Vaporizers

We know you love crafty portable vaporizer and other portable vaporizers like it for different reasons. But do you know there are a few traits that are common in all top vaporizers? Let’s find out.

Common Features of Best Vaporizers:

Convenience – Most of the vaporizers that are esteemed the best of their kind are handheld i.e. they are portable. Maybe the explanation behind this is the vast majority now lead in a hurry ways of life, so they’ll actually welcome the accommodation of having the capacity to vape at whatever point and wherever they require without needing to pack a bag for it. In any way, portable ones like Crafty portable vaporizer is a bonus.

Style – Although an ever increasing number of individuals are presently vaping and utilizing cannabis for medicinal reasons, there’s still somewhat of a disgrace encompassing weed and the general population utilizing it. Thus, producers make it a point to outline vaporizers with the end goal that they aren’t excessively self-evident. The more watchful the design, the more it is valued by purchasers.

Time – This alludes to the time frame expected to get an adequate measure of vapor from the vaporizer. Clearly, you’ll need to discover something that offers shorter draw term, as short draws are by and large more agreeable than long ones. Obviously, short draw span is something the best vaporizers bring to the table.

Amazing Vapor Quality – Who might need to breathe in vapor that scents and possesses a flavor like smoke? Vaporizers that are considered the best of their kind are those that offer a sweet-smelling, rich, and delightful vapor. It takes in more about how it functions and what materials it is made of to decide if it will transmit astounding vapor. A gadget that utilizes convection, for instance, is desirable over one that utilizes conduction since it kills the danger of combusting the herb you should vaporize.

Strength – You’d actually need to get the most out of your speculation. Naturally, the best vapes are those that are worked to last. When you search for a vaporizer, grasp it to check whether it has a strong form. Most vaporizers have glass tubes where the vapor goes as you ingest it. Ensure the sort of glass utilized is a sturdy one to lessen the danger of splitting, chipping, and breaking.

You can also get some useful crafty vaporizer accessories to increase the utility of the device.


Quit Smoking Weed

5 Best Ways to Quit Smoking Weed

Once you are stuck in smoking weed, the chances of saving yourself from the consequences are less. But don’t worry, there are ways you can leave the addiction without being too harsh on yourself. From vaping the weed instead of smoking it using Firefly 2 vaporizer to seeking the advice of an expert, below are your possible options.

Seek Support From Your Loved Ones.

The best and primary things you have to do is include your loved ones in your gesture. They can be your greatest inspiration and can enable you to remain positive every minute of every day. Without their assistance and help, you will feel desolate, even discouraged and might need to backpedal.

Get A Distraction.

Notwithstanding the high you get from weed, it additionally turns into a pet physical action, even a propensity and when you all of a sudden stop, you no doubt feel down and discouraged. It’s an ideal opportunity to discover a substitution action. You can consider viewing a film that makes you snicker, investing energy with some person who make you can rest easy or simply go and get Firefly 2 vaporizer to vape the weed instead of smoking it yourself. Keep in mind, you can’t simply supplant this action with whatever other movement, it must be a solid action. For instance, rather than swallowing down gigantic mugs of espresso do work out, take long strolls, converse with a companion on the telephone. You can even cook or watch your most loved TV episode, or anything that keeps you distracted.

Go To New Places Or Follow A New Routine.

With smoking weed out of your day by day schedule, it may end up plainly exhausting so you have to transform it. Have a go at rising early, have something other than what’s expected for breakfast or go to work or school from an alternate course. You can also change your work routine, have something other than what’s expected for lunch. To put it plainly, you need to make your life all the more energizing by doing new things or if nothing else doing things any other way.

Check the Urge.

The yearnings to smoke will appear exceptionally visit in the good ‘ol days, so you must be extremely watchful amid the initial couple of days. Attempt to evade the triggers, the areas or the gathering of companions you used to smoke weed with. Escape the scene for a couple of days, back to your most loved get-away spot, invest some energy far from home as fast as you can in the wake of stopping. Drinking a great deal of water, eating healthy, and remaining dynamic can exponentially help your endeavors of checking the desire to smoke. You can also buy Firefly vaporizer for sale to keep yourself satisfied with only the vape.