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Choosing Between Weed Edibles and Smokeables With Pros and Cons

Cannabis edibles and smokable products are two conventional ways of its consumption. Since people came to know about the intoxicating impacts of Cannabis, they consume it in the form of hash, dry buds and edibles. However, the ways of smoking and orally consuming have changed now. In old times, has was the most popular smokable variant of Cannabis. It was obtained from rubbing marijuana leaves softly with hands. Dark-colored raisin is obtained from the leaves that contain concentrated cannabinoids. 

Edibles on the other hand were available in the form of drinks. Crushed and boiled leave’s extract was mixed in lactic products like milk and curd to prepare a drink that keeps you high on weed for a long time. With the evolution of technology, both smokable and edible ways of weed consumption also changed. Now you can shop weed edibles gummies online in Toronto that exactly look like typical gummies we buy from a confectionery store. Similarly, smokable products have also evolved a lot. Let’s take a look at the latest innovations in both variants. 

Latest Innovations in Smokable Weed Products

Hash is still one of the most popular smokable products available in the market. However, dry herb strains are currently dominating the market. More than 800 different types of strains coming under the category of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid are available to consume. Each of them has different potency levels, flavors and other post-consumption impacts. Talking about the highly concentrated smokable products, there are two variants you can try including wax and crystals. The wax is easily available at the best weed delivery company. It is more concentrated as compared to hash and available in brownish or yellow color with a translucent texture. Crystal is the purest form of THC but you can find it rarely in the market. 

Latest Innovations in Edible Weed Products

Edible weed products have also evolved a lot since the last decade. Along with gummy bears, THC is infused in various other confectionery products like fruit juices, brownies, cookies and chocolates. Each of these edible contains a specific amount of cannabinoids including tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol and other compounds. 

Pros and Cons of Smokables


  1. They are capable of giving instant hit right after inhaling.
  2. Smokable products are easily available at every weed dispensary.
  3. You will get natural flavors of terpenes instead of artificial additives. 


  1. Along with cannabinoids, we also consume a lot of tar that is injurious to health. 
  2. The high effect of smokable products lasts only for an hour or two. 

Pros and Cons of Edibles


  1. Edible products last their impact for 4-5 hours after consumption. 
  2. They are safe to consume without the risk of smoking. 
  3. Edibles are stealthy because you can consume them anywhere.


  1. It will take around 30 minutes to experience the hitting impact after consuming edibles. 
  2. The adulteration risk in edibles remains higher than in smokables.

Buy your weed products from leading brands only whether it is a smokable or edible. If you are expecting quick-hitting like smoke with tempting flavors but without the toxicity of tar and other toxins, vaping juice can be a better alternative. 

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