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A Simple Guide to the Delta 8 THC Flower

There is a lot of information floating around about the Delta 8 THC flower, but it’s so scattered and disorganized that it’s hard to get exactly what you want to know all in one place. So we’ve put together a concise guide that clearly explains everything you need to know about this particular derivative of the hemp plant, without wandering off into unnecessary trivia.

What is the Delta 8 THC Flower?

The first thing you probably should be aware of is that there is no specific cannabis plant or strain of plant. It is simply one of 113 cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plants, and part of the THC family. While it can occur naturally in CBD hemp for medication, it can only do so in the tiniest of amounts, less than 0.1%.

More often, the Delta 8 hemp flower is found in a concentrated form after Delta 9 THC has been oxidized. However, like other concentrates derived from cannabis plants, it does have its own benefits and some of them are health-related.

Recreational Use

Unlike CBD, you can get high on Delta 8. However, it isn’t like a traditional weed, either, because it has very little in the way of psychoactive effects. You would probably consider it comparable to a mild dose of THC.

Medical Use

In fact, compared to other THC components, Delta 8’s psychoactive power is the lowest. It is because doctors feel concentrated Delta 8 can be an effective remedy for people suffering from panic attacks or anxiety. Another reason is that its sedative properties take effect much more quickly than CBD concentrates because it has a completely different molecular structure.

Yet, just because the psychoactive strength of the concentrated Delta 8 THC flower is low, doesn’t mean its general potency is weak. On the contrary, it’s actually rather high. Only a couple of drops are necessary to banish nausea or physical pain. The concentrate is even strong enough to affect cancerous tumors.

Other Effects of Delta 8

In addition to all of the effects of consuming the Delta 8 flower that is mentioned above, there are still more ways in which it can be useful.

  • Appetite Stimulation — Taking just a few drops of Delta 8 THC flower concentrate in the morning can be enough to increase your appetite throughout the day.
  • Anti-inflammatory — You can apply Delta 8 concentrate topically to an injury in order to reduce swelling more quickly. This is because it is a phytocannabinoid that has antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Mental Boost — Delta 8 is also known to improve both memory and concentration.

Forms of Delta 8

Concentrated Delta 8 is a thickly translucent liquid that is commonly found in cartridges or syringes. It’s certainly possible for you to consume distillate Delta 8 directly because it is edible. However, this is not recommended.

It’s generally agreed that a standard weed pen or dab rig is the best way to administer Delta 8, but other methods are acceptable, as well. Taking it in edible gummies or vaping both work. You could even use it sublingually.

Like any other substance or supplement, you should always consult your doctor before consuming Delta 8 THC flower in any form.

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