Wednesday, February 28

What Makes Firefly 2 Vaporizer Stand Out

Before you pick Firefly 2 for sale, it is important that you learn the new techniques so that you get accustomed to it. After getting the hang of this vaporizer, you will never get enough of the serious vapor it yields. The reasons why Firefly 2 gives decent vapor are as follows.

Power tuning

If you want to obtain high amounts of visible vapor, ensure that your vaporizer is upgraded with the latest firmware which enables power tuning. This functionality facilitates adjustment of temperatures up to 111%. So, the highest temperature is 215 degrees Celsius and if you power tune, you will obtain an output that will lead to a temperature level of 235 degrees Celsius. This is the ideal vape for you if you desire a dense vapor. Research shows that setting the unit to the highest level of temperature with dry herbs and power tuned to 105% produces the best outcomes of vapor production and flavor.

The Draw

The vaporizer’s air pathway is very restricted as compared to other units. This encourages drawing of vapor as if one is sipping hot tea using a straw. The best experience is obtained when the power button is pressed and held as heating commences. After the green sign glows, the vaporizer should be left to sit for a few seconds to let heat build. Then drawing should begin slowly and continue at the same pace throughout the session for best outcome. Learning to draw the vapor is the greatest step that requires a lot of trials and errors. The vapor should be drawn slowly for 30 seconds with the drawing speed increased slightly in the last 10 seconds. Even after the heater switches off, drawing should continue to make sure that the remaining heat is utilized to the fullest.

The Firefly 2 vaporizer for sale is the most convenient. Getting the unit to work as desired may take a while but after figuring out the right technique, it becomes hard to try another vaporizer. If you are searching for a good vape be sure to stop at Firefly 2 and you will never be disappointed.

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