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Five Ideas For Designing Stylish Pre-roll Packaging For Branding

Pre roll packaging is an effective solution to be used for the branding of your products.  It does not only provide maximum protection to keep your products safe but also helps in giving a distinct identity to your brand in the market. The customers of today are provided with unlimited similar-looking options on retail shelves. Among hundreds of alternatives, differentiating your brand from others in the competition has become a major concern for businesses.  Attractive pre-roll packaging can help you much in this regard. It gives you a competitive edge by elevating the customers’ interest in your products. The manufacturers can experiment with a variety of options to design stylish pre-roll packaging for branding. Here are the five best ideas worth considering:

Choose Best Quality Material:

Paperboard or cardboard are preferably used for pre-roll packaging. Whether you want to design pre-roll tubes or boxes, the material is ideal to provide maximum protection to your products. You can increase or decrease its thickness depending upon your requirement. For example, if your pre-rolls are to be displayed on retail shelves, you can use lightweight paperboard or Kraft paper for creating their package. On the other hand, if your cannabis products are to be shipped to someplace, cardboard or corrugated packaging can serve the purpose. The material is die-cut friendly and supports different printing techniques. Such features allow the designers to experiment with unique packaging ideas to create an amazing display.

Work on Eye-Catchy Color Schemes:

Color is an important factor to stylize your packaging. It makes your pre-roll boxes more appealing for the target customers, increasing sales. The use of an attractive color scheme can give your brand a distinct look on shelves. According to a study, about 70% of the purchase decisions are made in stores, and the color of your package plays an important role in this aspect. Different colors affect the customer’s mind differently. Therefore, it is recommended to make a good analysis before finalizing a particular color for your brand. It does not necessarily mean that that you have to be bold all the time. Experimenting with minimalistic styles and earthy tones can also set your brand apart.

Introduce Various Add-On Options:

The cannabis market is flourishing at a rapid pace. The stylish packaging used by brands has played an imperative role in increasing the demand for these products. To grasp the customer’s attention, the designers implement various add-on options. Introducing inserts, dividers, die-cut patterns, PVC windows, metallic foiling, gloss/matte lamination, perforation or embossing, etc on your pre-roll boxes can take your brand much forward. It increases the visibility of your products by giving them a stylish display that is hard to ignore.

Hues for Printing:

Various manufacturers provide different printing options to enhance the outlook of your pre-roll packaging. Digital, offset and screen printing are some of the commonly used choices industry-wide. Each has unique features and procedures, but all of them produce amazing printing results to get exceptional branding. However, for short-run orders with more customized details digital printing is used. For the large scale production of your pre-roll packaging according to some standardized design, offset printing is a better choice. Screen printing is used when the designs to be made require a higher level of vibrancy. In addition to these printing techniques, some of the popular shading choices include CMYK and PMS. The main difference between these two hues is that CMYK gives you constrained shades whereas PMS gives you unlimited shades of colors. Add these hues in your printing to stylize your packaging by creating a mesmerizing display.

Go for Innovatively-Designed Pre-Roll Packaging:

The increasing demand for cannabis products has motivated the manufacturers to work on different pre-roll packaging designs. The style you choose depends upon the product’s nature and consumer requirements. It gives designers a broader perspective to showcase their brand more effectively. Whether you sell individual pre-rolls or multi-packs, customize the packaging in various designs to create a superior brand appeal. The use of long metallic tin packaging is associated with style and fashion. It makes your product look trendy giving a perfect display to your mini or full-sized joints. Similarly, the use of paper pre-roll tubes and pouches are a wonderful addition to cannabis packaging. They usually come up with tamper-evident and child-resistant closures to enhance the level of protection and seal the freshness. All of these innovative packaging ideas are perfect to stylize your pre roll packaging for branding.

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