Thursday, September 28

5 Health Benefits of Using Essential Oils

Considering there are 90 different types of essential oils, there must be some health benefit claims. But is every type able to deliver on the promises that the manufacturer claims? We will address this question in this piece of content. 

While we are mentioning the health benefits of essential oils in Australia, these are all reported by the users. Most essential oils are tried and tested and used very commonly all around Australia. These oils have treated many health conditions. There is some evidence proving all these claims. So, let’s list out all the health benefits of essential oils. 

The Health Benefits


  • Cure for Headaches and migraines


Many people have been observed to go through headaches and migraines. This led to a study in the 90s. It stated that dabbing a peppermint oil with ethanol mixture on the patient will give some relief from headache pain. With the evolution of this technology, this essential oil went through further studies that led to its improvement in the cause. Still, many studies are going on, but at this stage, these oils are already high-quality. 


  • Anxiety and stress


 Essential oils were not meant to reduce stress and anxiety. However, with their effectiveness on more than half people, these oils had a byproduct. People going through anxiety and stress wanted an alternative therapy to relieve these symptoms.

All this was proven when essential oils were used for massage. Ironically, massages were meant for stress relief, but the best essential oils did real magic. Even aromatherapy was rendered ineffective for treating anxiety when studies went into the details. 


  • Reduction in inflammation


Many essential oils have been proven to fight inflammatory conditions. Practical studies show that they have anti-inflammatory factors. However, there are minimal human studies that have been carried out to determine the same. Still, many rat studies have given these outcomes which we can depend on. Another point in their favour is the fact that these essential oils are known for safety and effectiveness. 


  • Treating insomnia


Stress has already taken over many of our lives. However, studies showed that one solution to reduce insomnia due to stress was smelling lavender oil. The quality of sleep was significantly better. Especially when we consider sensitive situations like women just after childbirth or patients with heart disease, these oils were highly effective. Fifteen different studies were done to prove that essential oils provided better sleep.  The majority of these studies gave positive feedback.


  • Antimicrobial and antibiotic properties


With the increase in bacterial infections, there was a renewed interest in the search for better compounds. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria were on the rise in those days. Test tube studies stated that essential oils filled with tea tree and peppermint oil had extensive antimicrobial effects. They gave positive results which were interesting enough to gain the attention to make these oils a necessary treatment for such disorders. 


  • Some other uses


Many people buy essential oils in Australia to provide a unique fragrance to their houses. These fragrances freshen up your room like newly done laundry. Moreover,  organic essential oils can be used as high-quality home-made natural cosmetic products. Many properties of essential oils also indicate that they extend the shelflife of perishable food items. 

To summarise, essential oils have some factors in treating many health disorders. The research has been done quite extensively. Still, human subjects were not as prominent in those studies. So, there is a need to add on to the belief of these oils having interesting health applications.

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