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Have you been using vaping juices and edibles for a long time but always keep on ignoring the dry Herbs of Cannabis? it is a modern trend among the young generation to adopt digital gadgets whether they are meant for entertainment purpose of getting high on weed. There is no harm in consuming waiting concentrates are edibles. Even, most of them are safe to consume as compared to the smoking joints. The marijuana products infused with artificial flavors sound interesting when you use them. However, it is getting you away from the original aromatic earthy flavors present in pure marijuana. Only wax, hash and dry herb are three kinds of Cannabis products that contains nothing artificial. Despite original flavors and high intoxication impact, you must be worrying about the adverse impacts of smoking. Read the article below to get a reliable solution.

The safest way to consume dry cannabis herb without inhaling smoke 

Have you ever thought how does your liquid vaping device works? It actually atomizes the liquid content in the heating chamber in order to produce thick clouds of vapors. These vapors are 100% carbon tar free. The same technology has now introduced for dry herbs too. Many companies are now selling dry herb vaporizers capable of producing vapors from solid substances. Although their atomization chambers are smaller than liquid juices, still you can get enough clouds to get high. Now you have the solution to the adverse impacts of smoke. The next step is to identify the best quality strains to consume. You need to understand that not all weed is the same. It is obtained from hundreds of different species classified into 2 categories i.e.

  • Sativa 
  • Indica

By cross-breeding these 2 species of marijuana, scientists produce countless new herbs containing higher potency level. If you approach the best dispensary in Orange County, they will offer you various options. Here are some of the best quality weed strains to enjoy.

Best hybrids of Indica

1. Death Star

This indica dominant hybrid also contains some degree of sativa content too but the potency level is really high. The THC level in this strain is recorded up to 26% which is a great remedy to pain, insomnia and nausea. It is a sedative element preferred by marijuana dispensary in Orange County to relaxes you down. Therefore, it is advisable to use it when you are going to bed. Also, the euphoric impact is so good that you will love to spend some time alone in a new world.

2. Granddaddy Purple 

When it comes to the strongest strains of Indica dominant plants, the Granddaddy purple always comes in the first position. If you want to uplift your creativity level, try this secret at once. Talking about the other features, it will keep you relax & in euphoria for a long time. The non-sedative nature of this strain makes it suitable daytime using with friends.

Best Hybrids of Sativa 

1. Durban Poison

Although it is a sativa dominant strain that is assumed as a CBD rich plant, you will only get THC that tool 26% or more. If you want to stay energetic and creative, try this strain and feel the difference in your potential. Talking about the medical side, doctors prefer to buy it from a legal dispensary in OC for patients suffering from anxiety & depression. Durban poison is a great option to consume during the daytime.

2. Strawberry Kush 

This strain of sativa got its name from the sweet flavor with fresh strawberry aroma. The weed contains 23% but never underestimate its post-consumption on your mind. It is considered as the best cannabis herb to uplift your creativity. Moreover, you will remain energetic & focused on a particular task for a long time. As an antidepressant, it is prescribed by many doctors to their patients.

Whenever you try to approach a seller of marijuana in Orange County, never forget to ask for these strains. Before consuming any variant of cannabis, it is advisable to read the post-consumption impacts. Some of them are highly sedative whereas others will keep you active.


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