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How To Check The Quality Of Weed?

To get the maximum positive results from the consumption of weed, it is highly important that it comes from a high-quality plant. As the demand for weed is rising at a very rapid pace, the market is also getting flooded with many low-quality weed providers.


This makes it very hard for people to find good quality weed. But unless you master the weed growing skills at home, it is better to choose a well-reputed dispensary Orange County to ensure the quality of weed.

All reputable dispensaries offer best-quality CBD oil Orange County and weed Orange County. To get a good idea of the quality of weed, you need to understand how to do the methodical visual inspection of the buds.

Here are some of the best tips to inspect the quality of weed.

1.    Smell

The prime indication of good-quality weed is its good smell as soon as you open the weed bag or break the bud. A high-quality weed bud basically gives the smell of pine, fruits, citrus, or even diesel.

On the other hand, inferior quality buds or poorly grown weed often lack any attractive smell or gives the smell of hay or alfalfa. Mainly the weed buds that smell like mold is probably infected while being grown.

2.    Color

A high-quality weed always comes in green color whereas poor quality weed have brown color. There might be other coloration as well in good-quality weed such as frosty green, darker green, purple, red, orange, or even golden.

However, if the majority of buds in a weed bag are rusty red, tan, brown, or yellow in color then it is the clear indication of poor-quality weed.

3.    Stickiness

The THC crystals of a high-quality weed always feel sticky to the touch. When you touch the herb the cannabis resin feel slightly clinging to fingers. And on breaking the bud, it gives a sticky feel rather than dry.

It is very important to handle the sticky weed with clean hands so that you do not lose a chunk of resinous trichomes. To break it apart, it is best to use a clean utensil like grinder or scissor.

4.    Density

The best-quality weed buds always break apart very easily from the stem. Weed buds which are not dried and cured properly usually compact more on pressing with fingers and act like clay.

Even transportation of weed packet can also affect its quality and taste as it becomes too compact while travelling. Plus, good-quality leaves are always trimmed properly and contain fewer leaves as well.

5.    Moisture

The optimal moisture level of weed buds is also very important to ensure its good quality. Poorly dried cannabis can seriously affect its quality in a negative manner.

The only disadvantage of getting a weed with a higher moisture level is that it will evaporate before you truly consume it. That means when paying for weed according to its weight you would be probably paying for moisture that is eventually going to evaporate.

6.    Taste

Last but not least, you can check the quality of weed through its taste as well. High-quality weed buds always give a nice combination of different flavors. It should not be harsh on your throat or give the taste of chemicals.

If the weed tastes like chemicals then it is the clear indication of an excessive amount of pesticides used in the growth of plant.

Final Thought!!

To ensure the best-quality of weed, you should buy edibles Orange County from a well-renowned and certified dispensary. To find a reliable dispensary in Orange County is not at all difficult as there are many in the area.

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