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How To Pack And Smoke A Bowl Of Cannabis

Vapes, bongs, dabs, joints, and blunts; the true cannabis connoisseur enjoys it in all forms. But you’ll have to admit that none of these ways are quite as cool or well-known as smoking a bowl.

Packing a bowl of weed into a pipe is a necessary skill that most cannabis lovers pick up by themselves. If this is your first time doing it on your own, oryou just want to know how everyone else does it, we’ll help you figure it out.

But before we light it up, let’s find out what a bowl is.

Well, for starters, it’s the part of the bong or pipe that holds the good stuff, i.e., the tobacco or weed. The term has been in use for at least two centuries, making it one of the oldest and best ways for indulging in smokable materials of your choice.

Ideally, you should fit as much weed into the bowl as possible. But at the same time, it is important to ensure that there is good airflow in the bowl and the good herb doesn’t spill over every time you pass the pipe or take a good drag.

And that’s just the start!

Let’s find out how to select the perfect pipe before we learn how to light it like a pro.

Choosing The Perfect Cannabis Pipe

Adapted from conventional tobacco pipes, cannabis pipes also feature the same essential characteristics:an airtight channel that delivers air and smoke through the mouthpiece and a round basin.

In some cases, these cannabis pipes have a second airtight channel as well. It’s known as the carb, for air-regulation.

But as long as your pipe has the first two things, you are good-to-go for smoking cannabis.

Unlike the traditional tobacco pipes made from wood, ceramics, and even bamboo, the cannabis pipes are made out of borosilicate glass since it is an incredibly versatile medium.

But if you can’t find one in your local shop, try looking for tobacco-smoking accessories. You’ll easily find a glass pipe that’ll suit your needs. Otherwise, you could always search for them online or at dedicated cannabis events.

Cannabis pipes vary by shape, size, functionality, availability, and complexity. For example, bubblers and bongs use water for filtering smoke and chill it before inhalation.

A more common type of cannabis pipe used by most cannabis enthusiasts is known as ‘spoon’ due to its shape. Buy one if you’ve just started smoking and want something to practice with that’s easy-to-use, small, and relatively inexpensive.

How To Pack And Smoke A Bowl Of Cannabis

Grind Weed

If you have a regular spoon pipe or a variation of it, the first thing you will have to do is grind your marijuana. You can either hand grind your weed or use a grinder, which is a far better way to achieve it.

When using a grinder, put a midsized nug right between the teeth,place the cap and turn it back-and-forth so that it breaks up the bud completely. The purpose is to have little, evenly-sized pieces of marijuana.

Pack A Bowl

Take a small pinch of the ground marijuana between your thumb and index finger. Put it into your bowl and delicately tamp it with your tamping tool, lighter, or finger. Otherwise, you may have trouble pulling smoke through your bowl and the pipe.

Whether you’re rolling a joint or packing a pipe, a good rolling tray is a necessity; providing you with a clean, smooth surface.

Even when you are packing a pinch of marijuana into the bowl, do it over the tray so that you can collect the pieces that fall out in the process.

Smoke Your Weed Pipe

Grab your weed pipe and light the corner of your bowl using either a hemp wick or a lighter, and enjoy. When all the marijuana in your bowl has burned, empty the ash so you can re-pack the bowl for the next session.

That’s all!

If you are smoking with friends, don’t forget to pass the pipe!

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