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Increasingly widespread among growers around the world is the use of vaporizers to consume marijuana. Although initially it was a practice more used in the medical patients, little by little it has been gaining ground among all type of consumer by the multiple benefits and advantages that entails against traditional methods or even used in kitchen. In Cannabislandia we want to review and expose some of the many benefits and advantages of smoking using vaporizers.

Mainly because it is much healthier. The smoke from the burning of marijuana that is inhaled in a joint, contains approximately 90% of non-cannabinoid particles that are mainly carbon monoxide and tar very toxic agents and tremendously damaging to our health. In vaporized cannabis, on the other hand, the active cannabinoid content of the vapor is approximately 95% and the rest is a non-toxic oil, which guarantees that our lungs do not receive harmful products . A study reveals that switching to a digital volcano vaporizer can reverse respiratory symptoms caused by smoking marijuana using traditional methods, something to keep in mind. Depending on the make and model, we will guarantee a more effective vaporization, since we can regulate the combustion temperature also determine the level of rush.

Another advantage is the pure taste that we will get by just inhaling the steam of the cannabinoids and not vegetable remains that do nothing but damage the taste and sometimes cause throat irritations. Unless we use vaporizers that work with ball-type flame, we will forever forget to use lighters, the grass automatically heats until it turns brown and where it will have given all of itself and we can throw. We will also forget the oil that sometimes concentrates in the mouthpiece of the pores causing important dental damages, let’s not forget that apart from everything, vaporizers are the cleanest systems to consume cannabis . Behind we will leave the uncomfortable smoke and its smell something important to eliminate “aromas” suggestive of clothes and in general of our whole house and above all if we are with

We will notice a significant saving in our marijuana pantry, since with a joint as we discussed above, most of the cannabinoids are lost during combustion, which is not the case with digital volcano vaporizer. Logically, we will need less cannabis to achieve the same effects, so the amortization already begins with the first inhalation. It also allows us to carry it on and use it anywhere with total discretion if we opt for a laptop, very appropriate especially for medical patients who want to have a normal activity and consume when necessary and wherever you are.

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