Wednesday, February 28

The Ultimate Pax 2 Vaporizer User’s Guide

Are you searching for a portable and stealthy devise to vape loose leaf or dry herbs, and with a satisfactory battery life? If yes, Pax 2 should be on top of your shopping list. This vaporizer is small and it can pack a good volume of herbs. Its battery life surpasses that of other more expensive and bigger vaporizers. You will be impressed with its lip sensing and built quality which seconds none, working faultlessly.

The PAX 2 instructions

  • Charging

You must charge the vaporizer before you begin using it. To charge, connect the vaporizer’s cord and cradle to a power outlet or your computer. Check out the lighting of the white petals. As the charge increases, they lit more. You will know that the vaporizer s fully charged once the petals quit pulsing and become solid.

  • Getting started

After charging, you can start having fun. Take off the magnetic oven lid and put in your preferred herbs. You will get the best flavor if you firmly pack the oven, more than halfway full. For longer vaping sessions, fill up the oven to the edges. Replace the li after packing.

  • Power On

At the center of the mouth piece is the power button which turns on the vaporizer. Within a minute, the vaporizer will start heating your herbs as the LED lights show purple color. When these LED petals turn green, it means the vapor is ready. Make sure to place your lips around the mouthpiece, rather than directly on it. A gentle draw is good for a start. As you draw the vapor, you will realize that the green light pulse at a faster rate. A full oven can go for up to 20 draws with regards to temperature settings. The mouthpiece is normally flat but it also includes a raised platform. Find out which option suits your mouth.

If you haven’t tries pax 2 vaporizer, you need to give it a shot if you like vaping for any reason, be it medical, or for fun.

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