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Pax3 Versus Pax2: A Comprehensive Review

Recently, Pax2 vaporizer has been selling at low price after Pax3 vaporizer hit the market. However, nothing indicates that it can be outdone. This guide seeks to clarify the differences between these two vaporizers.

  • External features

By mere look, you can tell the distinction between the two. Both are metallic though.

Pax2: More metallic finish which is resistant to physical damages. It hardly gets fingerprints.

Pax3: Mirror-like polish and more elegant. It reflects sunlight and is very comfortable as it is extremely smooth. It is more prone to scratches than pax2.

  • Heating

Pax2: It takes a longer time (45 seconds when the settings are at their lowest) to heat the herbs

Pax3: It is fast and only 15 seconds are needed to heat up. So, you can puff some vapes before putting it aside.

  • Apps and modes

Pax2: It has neither hepatic feedback nor smartphone apps.

Pax3: With this vaporizer, you can use control heating temperatures up to the 5th setting. It offers hepatic feedback as well as 4 modes namely:


The flavor mode produces vape based on demand. So, your herbs only heat up when you are pulling in air and you obtain optimal flavor.

2. Efficiency

When using this mode, heat rises during vaping to maximize herb efficiency.

3. Boost

This is the mode that maintains hotness which gives higher production of vapor. No cooling occurs between hits.

4. Stealth

Here, the vaporizer cools down quickly to reduce odors that result from conduction.

As far as hepatic feedback is concerned, the vaporizer will vibrate when the heat-up session is over to signify that the vape is ready. Unlike other vaporizers, the vibrations are very discreet.

Buy Pax 2 vaporizer if you need an attractive package. You get the most from the modern accessories and upgrades. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, you won’t go wrong with Pax2 as it is competent, portable, and discreet. It is recommended that if you need either of the two units to check them at the official website to find an authentic deal.


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