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How to Grow Afgoo Strain every thing you have to know

Afgoo Strain, also referred to as Afgooey, is a timeless indica strain that's been in existence for many years. Made offered from Green House Seeds this breed is a cross between an Afghani landrace and Maui Haze. Its sedating outcomes are sent along with a brand-new pine odor which leaves one feeling nostalgic and based. Techniques of Grow: Afgoo will grow either inside or outside and you can buy Afgoo online if not interested in growing. The breeders in Green House Seeds say any moderate will allow this Plant to thrive. SCROG (display of green) approaches to boost the return. The strain creates hairy, brief plants perfect for smaller spaces. Flowering Time: 8 weeks Yield: High Grow Difficulty: Moderate Climate: Prefers a Mediterranean climate with temperatures between 68-...