Sunday, May 16

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CBD Flower Talkin' Haze

CBD Flower Talkin’ Haze – Super Lemon Haze, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze

CBD flower talkin’ haze is worth talking about because all haze strains have something special in common. The haze strains are generally sativa type meaning that they will energize right into productivity at work or home. CBD Flower Talkin’ Haze – Super Lemon Haze Super Lemon Haze will win everyone over with its crisp citrus aroma along with 12 to 20% CBD content but still 0.3% THC or less.    It’s all About the Sensation This sativa-dominant hybrid has strong lemon flavors but is less bitter and brings more energetic effects to wake up the body.  This hemp flower is the perfect option for daytime because even though subtle mild blues feelings it still improves your productivity at work or at home.  This CBD flower gets hazed as it wakes up the body with a stout limonene flavor,...