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The Incredible story of Cannabis Growing Outdoor

Growing cannabis is fun which needs your full attention. But it is risky and costly too. Mostly, people prefer cannabis growing outdoors as it costs less than growing indoors. Outdoor gardens can make a handsome amount of profit. Outdoor doesn’t mean to go to farms but it could be your terrace, rooftop, balcony or a private yard.

Here is a short guide for beginners who don’t have too much investment to grow indoors. We hope it will make their way easy and they can set up their first outdoor cannabis garden.

  1. Consider the Climate

It is not easy to decide whether your selected area is good for cannabis growth or not. Although, cannabis is highly adoptable of different climate changes but extreme weather can harm the plants.

Temperature more than 86*F can cause stop in growing and temperature less than 55*F can lead a plant to death. It shows these plants can’t bear extreme conditions of summer and winter. 

Not only hot and cold weather, but rains and high winds can damage a plant physically. In the same way, moisture can cause reduction in yield. Excessive amounts of moisture can result in powdery mildew and it affects more during flowering season.

The day length also has impacts on plants. If the day time is about 14 hours more than 16 hours, both are harmful. It is best to take help of the experienced gardener of the same area for this purpose. He can guide you according to the weather conditions.

2. Pick a Space for Cannabis Growing Outdoor

When choosing the space for plantation, keep in mind there should be a good amount of sunlight. Midday light is very necessary as the amount of lights is good at that time. When the season changes, your plants will get less light as winter will be coming. It can harm the flowering stage of the plants.

The other factor is privacy which is very important as the nosy neighbors will irritate you. Fences and shrubs can protect your garden. Some countries have laws to grow cannabis away from the streets.

3. Cannabis Genetics

Selection of the genetics of your cannabis will also help you to be successful. Indoor and outdoor cannabis genetics are different. So, don’t mix them with each other. Check the history of your area about growing cannabis, you will get some options about genetics. 

If you are growing plants with seeds, there are chances that it can destroy your garden. You can plant seeds even in cold and wet climates but it’s not enough. There are chances of growing more male plants than female plants. You need more female plants than male plants. For this purpose, you have to reduce the number of male plants.

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You can handle this situation easily if you buy clones. In this way, you can have the exact number of plants according to your need. Auto flowering seeds are also another good option for cannabis growing outdoors.

We hope this short guide will help you a lot and you can earn more profit or at least can escape from loss.

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