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The Major Difference Between CBD Oil vs. CBD Tincture

One of the major questions that often appears while one searches about CBD oil tincture is if there are any major differences between the two similar search results – CBD oil and CBD oil tincture. Sometimes many companies use these terms interchangeably. However, the term CBD or hemp oil tincture is different from CBD oil. 

They both have similar packaging and uses, and each of them is stored away in tinted glass bottles that keep away sunlight and retain the freshness needed to be beneficial for use. Both of them are ingested orally through drops in one’s mouths. Before beginning the journey of discovering the difference, let’s address what CBD is? 

What is CBD? 

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is derived from both industrial hemp and marijuana cannabis. Industrial hemp has less than .03 percent of THC content. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, it doesn’t call for any euphoric effects either. 

As a result of its many uses, CBD has become wildly popular for maintaining one’s health. The recently passed Farm Bill of 2018 legalized growing industrial hemp. This allowed massive growth in manufacturing hemp-based products such as hemp oil tincture or full-spectrum hemp tincture or otherwise known as – CBD oil tincture, making them readily available for purchase. 

What is CBD Oil?

In the debate between CBD oil vs. hemp oil tincture, CBD isolate is pulled off of Cannabis Sativa from CO2 extraction and then diffusing it into a carrier oil for further human consumption. They are fairly natural, just as a coconut-based oil or even hemp seed oil. 

What then is a CBD Tincture or Hemp Oil Tincture?

When trying to demarcate the differences between CBD oil or CBD oil tincture, you need to look at a few aspects of both their formulations. The tincture is essentially alcohol-based or makes use of both alcohols as well as water type. While creating CBD oil tincture, it involves saturating hemp material with high-proof alcohol and heating it over a long period, slowly. 

During the process, the molecules of CBD are infused with alcohol. This, then, is boiled from this solution, creating a liquid residue that delivers the goodness of CBD compounds through the body. Sometimes, most manufacturers substitute the alcohol with carrier oils and add a flavoring ingredient for better taste while consuming it. 

The CBD isolates for the production of hemp oil tincture are extracted from the flower, stalk, and leaves of Cannabis sativa. They are fairly similar to regular old CBD oil but undergo the alcohol refining process rather than the CO2 extraction methodology. Some tinctures make use of vinegar or glycerin in place of alcohol. 

How is Hemp Oil Tincture Consumed?

Place a couple of drops of the CBD tincture under one’s tongue and hold it there for about half a minute. You may also, instead, mix it into a food or drink that you’re consuming. It is recommended that before beginning the process of consumption in daily life, check with your doctor and ascertain the right course and dosage for your needs. They work for almost everyone, and it is always a great idea to begin consumption in small amounts and gradually increasing the intake. Only consume as much as your body needs it, and how much may be essential for you. 

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