Wednesday, February 28

Six Tips For Novice Edible Users

More and more edibles are entering the legal cannabis market. There are some users who are reluctant to trying marijuana. They want to try marijuana edibles first. According to a study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, many first-timers are unable to figure out the right dose. They often end up having a negative experience.
It doesn’t matter what age, gender or mental health status is, first time users often get unexpected high. Recreational marijuana is legal in many states. Now states are thinking about doing something that can prevent the negative public health outcomes of edibles. Consumption advice, product packaging and required warning labels can help. Edibles are now accessible to more Americans. You can visit an online dispensary and buy cbd oil or weed in Orange County. Uncomfortable sensation and unexpected high are expected among novice users. So, we bring some tips for novice users.
Do homework    
If you are a beginner and made your mind to try marijuana or edibles, don’t try right away. Give yourself some time to learn more about edibles. Many states have limited the dosage of marijuana. In some states, it is from one dose to 10 mg of THC. 10 mg is not that much for experienced users. However, a beginner should keep it less than 5 mg. When you visit a reputable dispensary, edibles come in packages with labeling information. Don’t forget reading the label before consuming edible. Take a proper dose.
Eat something before consuming marijuana or edibles
Prepare yourself for a powerful punch if you have not eaten anything before consuming marijuana or edibles. It is important to eat something nutritious before eating edibles. If your doctor has prescribed marijuana, you are already told instructions such as “30 minutes after meal” or “with meal”. Same goes for recreational marijuana.
Get Comfortable
When you are trying marijuana for the very first time, find a comfortable and relaxing place to sit. Stay there for a while after consuming marijuana or edibles. Take time seriously even when you are consuming medical marijuana. Usually, it takes 45 to 60 minutes to experience the effects of marijuana. Intoxicating effects of edibles are likely to last a few hours.
Start Small
To start small, you need to study and do your homework. A beginner should avoid taking a full dose. Introduce THC into your system gradually. Start with half a dose. Microdosing cannabis can help you in figuring out the right dosage. Take small 2 or 3 bites from your edible.
Avoid mixing with booze
Don’t combine your edible with alcohol. Sipping beer with smoking marijuana is a different thing. However, a big no to mixing marijuana and booze. Don’t do that if you don’t want an uncomfortable spinning sensation. Better drink fruit juice or water.
Listen to your body
You have followed all the above mentioned tips but you are feeling anxious or jittery. This is common and should not cause any concern. Just relax. Remain calm. Just sit down, drink water and close your eyes.
When you are buying weed in Orange County, always buy from a licensed dispensary.

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