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Top 7 Tips While Traveling With Your Vape Device

As a seasoned vaper who also travels a lot, it’s almost impossible to plan a vacation without considering your vaping needs. Your vape accessories allow you to continue enjoying your favorite herbs and e-juices throughout your trip. 

However, you just can’t light up your vape device and start blowing huge clouds of smoke anywhere. That’s because the vaping laws in your travel destinations may be different from what they are in your native country. Plus, vaping is still being looked upon with a degree of skepticism, even in countries where the practice is legal. 

Fortunately, there are numerous tips you can follow to travel with your vape device hassle-free. Read on as we unpack the top seven tips while traveling with vape attachments. 

Vaporizers fall into two broad categories depending on their size and portability. They include Portable Vaporizers and Desktop Vaporizers. 

Desktop vaporizers are large, bulky, and usually stationary vape devices. These e-cigs run on powerful batteries, deliver a superior vaping experience, and are recommended for seasoned vapers. However, their bulky size makes desktop vaporizers unideal for traveling with. 

If you’re looking for the most efficient vaporizer to take on your next vacation, you won’t go wrong with the best vaporesso kit. Portable vaporizers are smaller than their desktop counterparts. You can easily slip these vaporizers into your back pocket, making them ideal for carrying on any trip.

  • Know the Law

Vaping laws differ from one country to another. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the laws in your travel destinations before packing your vape accessories. While vaping is generally legal in North America and Europe, the contrary seems to be the case in most Asian, Middle East, and South American countries. In Africa, vaping laws are somewhat fuzzy, which complicates the situation even further. 

One way to find out the legality of vaping in your travel destination is to check with the respective state departments of medical and public health. You can also rely on insights from your travel agent or community forums on travel websites.

  • Understand the Law on E-Juices Too

This is an area that most vapers normally don’t give much thought to. While trying to establish the legality of vaping in your travel destinations, try to find out what the law says on various common e-juice ingredients. Pay particular attention to the legality of nicotine – and cannabis-based products. That’s because most vape oils today contain one or both of these compounds. 

It would be illegal to vape cannabis- or nicotine-based e-liquids in jurisdictions that have outlawed these products, even if vaping is generally legal in such countries. 

  • Understand Your Airline’s Regulations

Airline companies are often known for being the law unto themselves. So, it’s imperative to establish your airline’s position on vaping before booking your flight ticket. Insist on an airline company that allows vape accessories in their lounges as well as onboard. 

But even if an airline allows you to have your vape devices on board, remember to check and follow their vaping etiquette to avoid landing into trouble with authorities. The conventional wisdom is to avoid exposing your vape accessories or vaping in the cabin. 

  • Pack Your Vape Devices Safely

When traveling with your vape device, experts recommend taking the device apart first. That means removing the vape tank, coils, and batteries. After disassembling your vaporizer, store the battery in a separate non-metallic case. That will prevent it from sparking fires that could endanger your safety as well as that of other passengers on board.  

It’s also essential to protect your vape tank to prevent e-juice spills. You can do that by storing the tank upright or draining the tank completely before packing it. Lastly, keep the rest of the attachments in dry, waterproof pouches.

  • Don’t Just Vape Anywhere

It doesn’t matter whether vaping is legal in your travel destination or not. The habit may still be frowned upon by locals. So, you just can’t light up your e-cig anywhere without raising a few eyebrows. As a thumb rule, avoid vaping in airports, recreation parks, train stations, city streets, and other busy places.

The best way around this is to vape discreetly until you find a perfect spot where you can vape publicly. You can try to link up with local vaping communities on the ideal public vaping sites. 

  • Be an Eco-friendly Vaper

Eco-friendly traveling has gained traction over the past few years as more travelers become aware of the need for environmental conservation. As a traveling vaper, it’s reassuring to note that you can also contribute towards the greater goal of ecological preservation. 

One way to become an eco-friendly vaper is to buy replacement parts locally instead of ordering them overseas. That will go a long way in reducing the amount of fuel consumed while shipping the vaping accessories to your destination, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. 

You can also become an eco-friendly vaper by investing in durable vape devices. That will reduce the frequency with which you dispose of your vape accessories, further reducing the choke on landfills.


A huge part of traveling with a vape device consists of understanding the vaping laws in your travel destination. It’s also important to travel with a small and lightweight vaporizer for maximum portability. Lastly, practice sustainable vaping as a way of contributing to environmental conservation.

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