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10 Types of High CBD Hemp Strains to Consider for Anxiety

Cannabis is a go-to solution for certain people living with uneasiness. However, not all cannabis is made equivalent. A few high CBD hemp strains can really welcome on or exacerbate nervousness.

The key is to pick a strain with a high CBD-to-THC proportion.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the fundamental dynamic mixes in cannabis. They’re both comparative in structure, yet there’s one major contrast.

THC is a psychoactive compound, and CBD isn’t. It’s THC that causes the “high” related to cannabis, including the uneasiness and neurosis that a few people understand. 

While not a treatment for stress, utilizing high-CBD hemp strains may help facilitate certain manifestations, particularly when joined with different devices, similar to treatment.

Here are the 10 CBD-prevailing strains you should know when you’re searching for something on the mellower side.

Types of High CBD Hemp Strains

Remember that strains aren’t a careful science. The impacts aren’t generally steady, even among results of a similar strain.

1. Remedy

It’s CBD strain with 14 percent concentration that gives next to zero psychoactive impacts. It has a lemon and pine aroma. Most users prescribe it for its capacity to smooth you out without the serious head and body impacts of high-THC strains.

2. Charlotte’s Web

This is a standout amongst other known high CBD hemp strains. It contains around 13 percent CBD with next to zero THC. It’s utilized in a few wellbeing and health items to help ease pain, stress, and anxiety with no psychoactive impacts.

3.  Ringo’s Gift

This CBD strain has a normal CBD-to-THC proportion of 13:1, yet strains as high as 20:1 can be found. It’s a hybrid of 2 high-CBD strains: Harle-Tsu and ACDC, which is the next name on the rundown.

Users report a major improvement in uneasiness and feelings of anxiety in the wake of utilizing this high CBD strain. Improved rest is another impact clients rave about.


This is another 14 percent CBD strain favored by individuals hoping to calm pressure, tension, and pain without feeling stoned. It contains no significant measure of THC. The two most normal words used to depict its belongings are “loose” and “cheerful,” as indicated by surveys on Leafly.

5. Cherry Wine

In case you like the smell of wine and cheddar, Cherry Wine’s your strain.

It midpoints around 17 percent CBD with under 1 percent THC. As per user reviews, it loosens up your cerebrum and muscles without mind-modifying impacts.

6. Elektra

Elektra midpoints around 16 percent CBD with under 1 percent THC. Some user reviews state it’s tried as high as around 20 percent CBD.

Its impactful smoke and smell get blended audits, yet individuals love it for its loosening up the impact that doesn’t thoroughly clean you out.

7. Minimum Amount

This strain contains more THC than the others, making it a decent choice in case you’re despite everything searching for a light buzz. It can contain somewhere in the range of 4 to 7 percent THC and 8 to 10 percent CBD.

As per user reviews, individuals who don’t find this strain unwinds and quiets without causing a green out.

8. Sour Tsunami

This was one of the main high-CBD hemp strains at any point reproduced and stays a fan top pick. It has a normal CBD: THC proportion of 13:1 or even lower THC. users report feeling loose and upbeat without that “substantial body” feeling.

9. Lifter

Lifter is a more current part of the cannabis game. It midpoints around 16 percent CBD with close to no THC. 

Its smell is portrayed as funky cheese with a trace of fuel. It’s uber-loosening up impacts won’t put down your concentration or capacity. 

10. Sharp Space Candy

This high-CBD strain has some sharp notes similar to fragrance, but it gets props from individuals who use it to alleviate indications of uneasiness and stress.

Acrid Space Candy has a normal of 17 percent CBD and just a follow measure of THC.

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