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Using CBD Hemp Oil to Treat Pain & Other Conditions

CBD hemp oil is derived from the seeds of the hemp plant. For those new to the idea of using hemp seed oil, one of the biggest concerns might be the potential risk of intoxication from using the hemp oil. In fact, let’s debunk that thought right at the beginning, nipping off the bud of doubt in its initial state. There is only a slight risk of getting intoxicated, as the hemp oil is derived from the food-grain strains of the hemp and not the toxic parts of the plant. This makes it one of the most sought treatments, such as using CBD hemp oil for pain

Research journals from Cannabis and Cannabinoid go on to make a note that these strains of hemp used to produce CBD hemp oil contains less than a small fraction of a percent tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC (a compound that is the contributing cause of the “high” in marijuana). 

The production of CBD hemp oil, however, is directly derived from the use of other parts of the hemp plant that contains very minimal to non-existent levels of THC but rather a higher concentration of CBD. This CBD component has been known to help with the pain. Yes, if you look up ‘CBD hemp oil for sale’ online, you will find a plethora of CBD products that assist with neutralizing the effects of pain and control it to a subservient level. 

This oil is rich in its profile of nutrients such as – fatty acids and bioactive compounds that have numerous benefits. Some of which are; 

Pain Relief – When pain results from the presence of any inflammation, using CBD hemp oil can ease the pain. Multiple research on the effects of CBD products and their usage on pain management shows promising results. 

Pain Relief from Chronic Pain

CBD products can be an alternative for those suffering from chronic pain and are instead relying on everyday medications that are opioids. Consuming opioids can become habitual, and therein cause more side effects to medicine consumption. On the other hand, when one administers CBD hemp oil products, it gives relief from pain. 

In fact, one of the only approved products prescribed to epileptic patients is also a CBD product. CBD hemp oil products interact with endocannabinoid receptors ingrained in the brain and the immune system of people. CBD hemp oil products respond to the inflammatory cells and aid in relieving the pain, even some types of chronic pain, such as chronic backaches. 

The frontiers 2018 review assessment also showed that positive pain-relieving effects of CBD hemp oil products were seen among cancer patients, and those have fibromyalgia as well as other neuropathic pains.

Pain Relief from Arthritis 

Back in a study conducted in 2016, rats with arthritis were tested with CBD hemp oil products. It was found that on consecutively administering CBD gels for four days on the rats, there was a noted amount of reduction in inflammation, thereby experiencing relief in pain in all affected joints. Thus, concluding that CBD hemp oil products have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects on arthritis-ridden folks. 

Pain Relief from Migraine

There is a limited amount of studies done on CBD and migraine. However, a study done in 2017 indicates that the use of CBD products can lower the amount of acute pain, and it becomes less intense than without using CBD products. 

Pain Relief from Muscle Tension

Using full-spectrum hemp oil contains CBD that generally helps relieve stress and tension in the muscles. The anti-inflammatory properties that CBD has on the body can help relieve the tension that people may feel due to stress in the muscles. Rubbing this hemp seed oil on tight muscles helps release the tension and relax them. 

Apart from reducing inflammation and giving pain relief, using CBD hemp oil is also efficient in treating skin related ailments such as; eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, varicose eczema, lichen planus, acne, etc. Other than using these products to relieve the inflammation caused by dermatological issues, it can also be used to protect one’s brains against inflammation regulate heart conditions such as – high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Using hemp seed oil can reduce the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases as well. Go ahead and order yourself a package of CBD oil for pain products that can help you experience relief from your physical pain symptoms. 

What to keep in mind before buying Hemp Seed Oil? 

However, always go through the label of a product prior to purchasing it. Note if the company is being transparent about the ingredients used and, if not, then refrain from buying a product that has much less information. Always make sure to administer these products in small doses, never overdose yourselves. Lastly, make sure that you never buy a product that is cheaper in its price range. They may not be as effective as you’d like them to be. 

These are the few basic pieces of information that each one needs to have before they plan to buy CBD hemp oil products of their own to help relieve symptoms of pain, inflammation, or any other condition. 


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